Motorcycle Tour Operator
Come to see the real Vietnam with us!
– Amazing landscapes, lonely mountain roads, lush green vegetation, beautiful beaches, small villages with the most friendly people you have ever met on a holiday. But this is more than a holiday… this is an experience.
– The locals are going about their daily life, children are on their way to school, and you pass by on the back of our motorbikes… and you can stop anywhere you want to! Or we make you stop, because around the corner there are interesting places you would never find by yourself. Watch the coffee grow! Walk around in a pepper plantation. See how silk is made…take a rest in a pagoda, discover minority villages. or just simply splash an hour away under a waterfall, trek in the jungle, learn about the war…whatever you feel interested in. You will taste what the real Vietnam has to offer you: while sightseeing on the back of the motorbikes. It is THE cool and relaxed way to see Vietnam… and you have no worries in your mind, except to take great pictures and have lots of fun. Because you have us as your tour guide! We will take care of all travel arrangements, hotel, lunch, your coffee on the way… we make sure you are comfortable and if you have special wishes or your own idea, we will do our best to sacrifice those special requests as well. Because this is YOUR trip and we organize it just as adventurous as you want it to be.
– Of course, we are experienced motor riders with good bikes…and we are fluent in English. We will be your Vietnamese interpreter so you can have exchange with all Vietnamese you meet on your adventure. Let’s sit down and make a plan together… for your trip off the beaten tourist track, to see, feel and taste the real Vietnam.


“Have motorbike plan to VietNam “


“Real riding experience on strong and comfortable bike”