Our team

Established in 2004, freelance rider group (FRG) has many years experience in motorcycling. The existent of FRG is considered as a strong competitor with dalat-easyrider in providing tour service through Central Highland, Ho Chi Minh trail or no matter what part of Vietnam by motorbike. To survive in this keen competitive environment, we have no alternative but always enhance our service to ensure the customers can get the best but totally affordable.

“Members of FRG are not riders simply but tour guides”, who were methodically trained at universities to become a local teacher in real meaning. Tour guide is certainly a key for the trip successful or failing up to 60%. Safety is our top priority, the comfort of client is put on first row. FRG combines professionalism with a fun and informal atmosphere to give clients a memorable riding experience. The expert rider aims to ensure clients enjoy some of the best roads of Vietnam and learn all about of local people both their cuisine and culture.

With a close-knit unit of 5 enthusiastic and experienced motorcyclists, FRG has a professional team, highly skilled at leading and designing bike tours. FRG is managed by phan.kecheng who with 06 years of varied riding experience and many miles riding in the Vietnam & the Central Highland region.